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As every wooden surfboard kit is custom made, we allow 1-2 weeks from your order being placed to build your kit, check all parts for accuracy and quality control and have them ready to ship or for your pick-up. 

Please factor in additional shipping time to your location.

Yes, you can pick-up your order once it is ready from our workshop and also take a look at our board showroom: 

6/32 Zillmere Rd
Boondall Qld 4034.

There will be a processing & handling period to get your order ready after purchase.

Please get in touch with us to arrange pick up. There is no charge for pick up, as we do not provide the same level of packaging as we would for items that are transported via courier. In this case we advise you to bring adequate packaging and vehicle to transport your order. We accept no responsibility of any occurance of damage to your order once it has left our premises.

Wooden Surfboards by Bywater Surf

Paying homage to the first surfboards to exist, the wooden surfboard is a beautiful and functional ride that is a great addition to anyones collection. Made from Paulownia timber and an internal plywood structure, these boards contain no foam. Laminated with fiberglass and resin, they are incredibly durable, strong and waterproof. As these boards are hollow, a screw vent is required to make them fully water tight and also to allow air flow when not in use. With a range of different styles and sizes there is a wooden surfboard for everyone and any wave.

Our surfboard kits are tailored to anyone, no professional woodworking or surf board making experience is required. For beginners and first timers we strongly recommended choosing a Premium Kit. The D.I.Y Customised Kit is more suitable to experienced woodworkers or those who have made a wooden surfboard previously.

Whether you are purchasing the Premium kit or DIY Customised kit, you will be supplied with the base ingredients of a wooden surfboard; the internal ribs, rails, skins, nose & tail blocks. Addititional products and equipment will be required to complete your board. Please see the inclusions list of the Premium kits and DIY Customised kits.

The recommended accessories include; Finbox (Center, Left & Right), Brass Leash Plug or Plastic Leash Plug, Brass Vent.

Equipment that is required for the completion of a wooden surfboard include; pegs, dispenser bottle, paintbrush, packers/blocks, rags, thinners, sand paper, vacuum, hand plane, sander, drill, rasp, hot glue gun, clamps, sand bags, chisel, hole saw, router and PPE.

For DIY kits where material is supplied rough sawn, you will need access to heavy machinery like a drum sander to bring your paulownia down to the correct thickness.

Unfortunately we cannot supply the the resin and glue required so you will have to source independently.
We use and recommend:

Techniglue CA ER60 Epoxy Resin: which can be purchased directly from Nightingale Supply here

Surfset Flex Clear Resin: which can be purchased directly from Sanded here

There are multiple stages of wooden surfboard making, starting from the prepping of materials through to the final finishing. As there are several glue ups involved which require sufficient drying time, the process can take over a week from start to finish. We recommended performing dry runs before gluing and to take your time during all the shaping stages. The beauty of doing it yourself at home, allows you flexibility within your own schedule and to work on the project when spare time presents itself.

Stuart has been teaching the craft of making Wooden Surfboards to students for 10+ years.
Both the Premium Kit and DIY Customise Kit include a comprehensive, step by step instruction guide including photos. This is sent via email as PDF.

Once your board is fully finished, with the external coating complete and all accessorises added - it's time to attach your leash and head to your favourite break. Remember to close up the screw bung before water and remove the bung when out of the water. We recommend keeping a coin in your leash strap for easy removal.

When not in use, wooden surfboards make a great feature to any home. Many customers choose to display it proudly within their home or on the deck. We have created customed made timber surfboard stands to cater for our boards. Contact us if you would like more information.

Yes - we have a range of ready made surfboards listed on our website here. Handcrafted by Stuart, there is a Collectors range or an Essentials range on offer.
These boards cannot be purchased through our online shop - please contact us directly to arrange purchase and shipping requirements.
We welcome you to contact us should you wish to view our board selection in person.

Yes - we run our ever popular 4 Day Wooden Surfboard making course multiple times each year at our workshop in Boondall, 4034 QLD.
We've had hundreds of students create amazing surfboards over the years and we'd love to have you join us.
Find out more information here. We also accommodate for group bookings (maximum class size is typically 6 or 7). A great team bonding activity or for a family occasion.

We encourage budding woodworkers and surfing enthusiasts to try our kits and the perfect opportunity may be within your high school woodworking class. Many senior grades allow students to choose their own project and we have previously had students purchase a board making kit to complete in class. Speak to your school/relevant teacher to discuss if this is a feasible option for you. Contact us for further information and advice.

Which kit is right for me?

Simply; the Premium Kit is recommended for Beginners/Intermediate and first time board makers, while the DIY Customised Kit is recommended to experienced woodworkers or someone who has attended one of our in person courses. The Premium Kit has more inclusions with materials that are pre-prepped, the DIY Customise kit includes the bare bones un-prepped materials with more scope to customise and truly ‘do-it-yourself.’

Both kits will include our comprehensive step by step Instruction guide in PDF format.

Across our 8 different surfboard styles, you can choose either Premium Kit or DIY Customised Kit, depending on your needs.

The Premium Kit includes:


The internal rib structure is made from plywood and has been CNC-cut to the required size for your specific board.

Frame Stand
The frame stands are made from plywood are allow you to support your frame during the drying process.


6 full-size Paulownia timber rails are machined to the correct thickness and cut to the shape of your selected board, ready for your to mark the rib spacing to the desired size of your board.


6 full-size Paulownia timber panels (specific to your chosen timber pattern) are machined to the correct thickness, ready for you to glue together to form the bottom and deck skins.
- There is the option to upgrade to have your timbers pre-glued and sanded by us.

Nose Block

Paulownia timber is machined and cut to size for your board’s nose block

Tail Block

Paulownia timber is machined and cut to size for your board’s tail block

Timber Tabs

8 small timber tabs for the internal and external of your rails to assist in securing the nose and tail blocks.

Internal Fiberglass

3 sheets of 4oz fiberglass to strengthen the internal of the board, using 1 layer on the inside of the bottom skin and 2 layers on the inside of the deck skin to provide extra strength.

Breather Fabric

A strip of shade cloth fabric to allow air to flow evenly during the vacuum bagging process.

Centerline Plywood

A strip of plywood the length of your board to secure on the frame during the glue up stage.

Brass Screw Bung with Rubber Seal + Timber

This is essential for every hollow wooden surfboard, this bung will be taken in and out (to release air when not in the water and to prevent water getting inside when in the water) The screw is fitted on the bottom of the board near the fins, an extra piece of timber will be placed in the frame.

Plastic Vacuum Bag

The vacuum bags we supply are an open ended bag cut to length for you, which will be used for your vacuum bagging process to adhere the skins to the frame

Vacuum Connection

This plastic value connection is designed to be used in conjunction with our vacuum bag in the vacuum process. This is a one-way valve only allowing air to be removed from the bag.

The tried and tested tape that we use regularly; brown packing tape and yellow masking tape, both used at different times of the process of building a wooden surfboard.

Glue Mixing Cup

A measuring and mixing cup for glue mix ups

Instruction PDF

A comprehensive, step by step instruction guide with photos, delivered via email as a PDF.

Recommended extras:

FinboxesBrass leash plugBrass vent

The DIY Customised Kit includes:

1:1 Full Size scale paper plans

To mark out the rails, ribs, nose and tail blocks

Rough Sawn Paulownia for Rails

2 / 200 x 8mm to be machined to 6mm and cut into 6 individual rails

Plywood panel for Ribs and Frame Stand

to be cut to size using the 1:1 full-size paper plans

Rough Sawn Timber for Nose & Tail Blocks

150 x 38mm to be cut to size using the 1:1 paper plans

Rough Sawn Paulownia for Skins

6 / 200 x 8mm to be machined to 4mm ready to be glued together

Instruction PDF

A comprehensive, step by step instruction guide with photos, delivered via email as a PDF.

Recommended extras;

Internal Fiberglass, Breather Fabric, Brass Screw Vent and Rubber Seal, Plastic Vacuum BagVacuum Connection for Bag, Plastic or Brass Leash plug, Plastic or Brass Vent, Finboxes

Payments, Returns and Refund Policy

As every order is custom made and packed, we aren't able to offer refunds for changes of mind. A sale is final once purchased.

Every order is also checked for quality prior to packaging and shipping, so while unlikely if there is anything that is broken or faulty, please take a photo and contact us as soon as possible to organise a replacement part.

When purchasing through our website, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, ShopPay, ApplePay, GooglePay.

Yes - you can purchase a gift card here. Gift cards can be redeemed on any product at woodensurfboard.com.au

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