Thorpe Gun

Suitable for: intermediate to advanced surfers  / 1’ to 6’ waves

The Thorpe Gun is available in either the DIY Customised Kit or as a Premium Kit, from 7’ to 8’3.” 

This Gun resembles a stretched-out shortboard and is built for large, powerful waves. Typically longer than the standard shortboard, it allows for an easier paddle. The pinched nose and tail allows for ultimate performance and tackling those steep, fast waves. They are designed to paddle you in early so that you can avoid late take-offs and set yourself up with plenty of speed to maximize your chances of making the wave. A flat bottom enables the board to be ridden high in the wave resulting in maximum speed.  In addition, a soft V under the back foot combined with a subtle rocker (bottom curve) allows quick directional changes when necessary. The length and design make it possible to drop into waves later than most other surfboards, a critical feature when dealing with big, pitching waves. This board can be equipped with multiple fin setups, such as thrusters or quads, depending on requirements.