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Stuart Bywater is widely recognised as one of the leading wooden surfboard makers in Australia. With traditional training in fine furniture making, Stu brings decades of experience as a designer, maker and surfer. Whether you're looking for a Wooden Surfboard Kit, interested in attending a Bywater Surfboard Making Class or want to buy a board handcrafted by Stu, Bywater Surf brings the beauty of wooden surfboards to more Australians.

Come to the WORKSHOP


Join us at our workshop in Brisbane for our popular wooden surfboard making course. Several intakes each year!


A board for everyone

Say hello to the range. Short boards to Mals. Eight different board styles to choose from.

Craft Your Own Surfboard

Group of students holding their newly crafted board frames halfway through the 4 day board making course.

Pick Your Board Style

Our range of shapes are all tried and tested in most surf conditions. With Fish designs and guns through to 10'3" Malibus, we have something for everyone.

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A man using a blockplane to shape the rails of his wooden surfboard, inside the Bywater Surf workshop

Select DIY or Premium Kit

The Premium Kit has materials machined and cut to size. The Customised DIY Kit is for experienced woodworkers who want to machine and cut rough sawn materials to size.

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Stuart Bywater, the teacher of the courses, is using a blockplane to shape the internal rails of his board frame.

Learn from the Expert

Our comprehensive guide gets you from A to Z, covering all you need to know for building your surfboard from scratch.

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DAWN - DIY Customised Kit | 9'6" or 10'3" DAWN - DIY Customised Kit | 8'6" or 9'2" DAWN - Premium Kit | 8'6" or 9'2" DAWN - Premium Kit | 9'6" or 10'3" 9'2" Dawn - Essentials Board #10075

Our Most popular board design

Dawn Mal: 8'6" - 10'3"

The Dawn is the most loved and sought-after model in the Bywater range. Able to surf anything from one-foot slope to overhead barrels if you dare, the Dawn is THE one longboard you must own.

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Longboard DIY Surfboard Kits

Fish and Guns DIY Surfboard Kits

What our Stoked Customers have to say...

Well, I have had a great Christmas holiday period spending time building my boards, my son has chipped in once he saw them coming together and what a great way to spend time together.

Michael, 7ft Gould

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This is the second board I have made with Stuart….absolutely love the board and it surfs amazing.  I am an Industrial Design teacher and it was an eye opening experience being “on the other side of the fence”, a student. I have changed the way I teach my students after being in the first class. 

Phil, 9ft Dawn

I have made three surfboards with Stuart I didn’t need the second two but the experience was so much fun that I kept going back and took some friends. When I show people the boards I have made they are impressed, especially as I had no previous woodwork experience. Everyone should do this.

Neil, 8ft Rose

Having no woodworking skills, I was determined to find inspiration & create not only a work of art but also a gnarly mal.
Stuart and his team guided our class of hopefuls, we learnt new skills, had a laugh, were inspired and created beautiful timber surfboards.

Graham, 10ft Dawn

This is one to tick off the bucket list. There are probably billions of surfers worldwide and probably thousands of surfboard shapers, but you are in a really small select group that can say "Yeah I built this timber surfboard myself and now I am surfing it." Do yourself a favour and sign up to do one of these fantastic courses. I can guarantee that you will not regret it.

Trent, 9ft Rose

I love my 9ft Bob Bywater Surfboards Mal! I would say for sure it’s the best board I’ve owned and the satisfaction of building it myself is just icing on the cake! Weighing in at 9kg, it’s also surprisingly light for a timber board. I’ve had some of the longest rides I’ve ever had on this board up at Double Island Point.

Angus, 9ft Bob

The wooden surfboard making class was the perfect opportunity to combine my love of surfing and my creative need to want to learn woodworking skills.It was great-all the materials and expertise were laid out in front of me, and for 4 days we worked hard shaping our boards. Stuart and the team were professional and relaxed, I was able to modify a design and plan the pattern of timbers used.To surf a board that you made and shaped is a fantastic feeling.

Victoria, 7ft Dawn

I’ve now made two timber boards now under the guidance of Stuart in his 4 day workshops and found the experience of making a timber board both exhilarating and therapeutic. Stuart’s skill and knowledge in the craft and encouragement enabled me the experiment with my designs and I now have two boards that I am super stoked with. Both have drawn admiration from family and friends and turn heads down the beach and out in the water.

Scott, 8ft V Dawn

Couldn’t recommend more! What a great experience to learn new skills and create something that will last a lifetime! Stuart is an absolute legend. No skills needed just a drive to create something special

Alex, 10ft Dawn

I recently did a four day wooden surfboard making workshop with Bywater Design. It was a great experience and Stu was a great tutor in the art of working with wood and shaping a board. Unlike so many things these days which are only virtual, after 4 days I have a beautiful looking tangible object which is both art and performance sporting equipment at the same time. I would highly recommend building your own wooden surfboard with the crew at Bywater Designs.

Gary, 8ft Gould

I have made 2 boards (and counting) with Stuart and his team. One wasn’t enough. Stuart is a masterful artisan. If you make a board with Stuart it’ll be your home for 4 days, with a great soundtrack, total concentration broken by fits of laughter, and tequila when it’s all done. I had practically no woodworking skills but the boards I have made are almost too beautiful to use. Best anniversary gift ever.

Michael, 10ft Rose

My surfboard making experience with the team at Bywater Design was amazing! Fully supported by helpful staff who have much expertise with the process of making these wonderful boards. Nothing was too much, and no question too hard. They take the time to make sure you have a great product at the end of your course. I enjoyed every minute of each day. And I love my board–he is superb.

Melissa, 8ft Rose

A huge thank you to the great staff and crew at Bywater Design in providing an amazing opportunity to shape your own custom timber board. It was a truly rewarding experience for myself, in both producing an amazing custom board and also a unique gift for my son to display in his own home.

Tim, 7ft Perkins

Stuart's timber surfboard classes are brilliant. Regardless of your skill level in woodworking, Stuart and his team at Bywater Design will ensure that every student understands the process, the techniques and proper use of all the tools and equipment necessary for an outstanding result. It is this first-hand experience paired with Stuart's kind and clear guidance which makes this workshop all the more enjoyable.

Nic, 6ft Perkins

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