About Bywater Surf

Bywater Surf proudly came to life after leading fine furniture designer and maker Stuart Bywater (of Bywater Design) created his first hollow wooden surfboard over a decade ago. Combining his woodworking passion and his love for surfing, Stuart tapped into an industry that inspires like minded folk to craft a work of art. 

After years spent fine tuning the Bywater Surf wooden board, Stuart began running 4 day classes for the public in his workshop in Brisbane, Queensland. With several course intakes per year, these classes allow the absolute beginner to veteran woodworker to experience the art of wooden surfboard making with every student excitedly coming away with their very own board. 

Wooden boards have gradually increased in popularity over the years, paying homage to the very first surfboards in existence. No longer heavy and awkward, the wooden boards of today offer a very comparable experience to that of the common foam boards. Boasting a more eco-friendly approach with timber replacing foam, the beauty of a wooden surfboard lies in the classic patterns and grain of timber. 

Bywater Surf has extended into the online realm - now offering at home, do-it-yourself surfboard kits for those who yearn to dabble in the joy of wooden surfboard making. View our range of surfboard kits here, from snappy guns to legendary mals. Offering two kit types; Premium for beginner woodworkers and DIY Customised for the more experienced. 

Our Collectors and Essentials ready made surfboards are for sale, made from scratch and professionally finished by Stuart, ready to take out in the water or hang proudly on display.