Suitable for: beginners to advanced surfers / 1’ to 4’ waves 

The Rose is available in either the DIY Customised Kit or as a Premium Kit, from 8’ to 10’1.” 

We developed the Rose as a tribute to the 1960’s Pig, with the wider point behind centre closer to the tail. Pigs were pioneered by Dale Velzy at Malibu in the late 50s. Dale was credited for being the world’s first commercial board shaper with the Pig introducing a range of creative growth to surfing. The Pig was the surfboard of the moment in California resulting in a boom for retail board shaping. This style of board essentially flipped the standard plan back to front, featuring a wider tail end and a narrower nose end. They are great trimmers and nose riders finding the outline more manoeuvrable when stepping right back onto the tail and nose-riding doesn’t hurt at all. 

This board is perfect if you like an old-school snappy bottom turn, fast nimble walking, in-the-slot trimming, tight nose-rides and high kick stalls. A truly classic ride, the Rose is the extreme end of the pivot-trim-nose ride approach for small lined-up waves today or when you need all the volume you can get on those flat days and still catch something.