Premium Kit

The Premium Kit 

The Premium Kit is recommended for Beginner/Intermediate woodworkers and first time board makers or for those that would prefer to have the materials machined and cut to size for them with more inclusions. This eliminates the need to have access to certain machinery, reduces prep time and allows you to jump straight into the frame assembly.

Unlike the DIY Customised Kit, the Premium Kit includes parts that are machined and cut to size specific to the board you have chosen;

- Paulownia timber rails and skins are machined and cut to size (with the option to upgrade to have the skins pre-glued and joined so your bottom and deck skins are pre-prepared)

- Nose and Tail blocks are machined to size

The Premium Kit will also include the essentials of wooden surfboard making; internal fiberglass, breather fabric, brass screw, plastic vacuum bag, vacuum connection and tape.

The Premium Kit includes a comprehensive, step by step instructions with photos (electronic PDF file) to guide you through the whole board making process.


Full List of Premium Kit Inclusions:

The internal rib structure is made from plywood and has been CNC-cut to the required size for your specific board. You'll also receive exact rib spacing measurements

Frame Stand
The timber frame stands allow you to support your frame during the drying process

6 full-size Paulownia timber rails are machined to the correct thickness and cut to the shape of your selected board, ready for your to mark the rib spacing to the desired size of your board

6 full-size Paulownia timber panels (specific to your chosen timber pattern) are machined to the correct thickness, ready for you to glue together to form the bottom and deck skins

- There is the option to upgrade to have your timbers pre-glued and sanded by us

Nose & Tail Block
Paulownia timber is machined and cut to size for your board’s nose & tail shape, includes templates of nose & tail for shaping 


Timber Tabs
8 small timber tabs for the internal and external of your rails to assist in securing the nose and tail blocks

Internal Fiberglass
3 sheets of 4oz fiberglass to strengthen the internal of the board, using 1 layer on the inside of the bottom skin and 2 layers on the inside of the deck skin to provide extra strength

Breather Fabric
A strip of shade cloth fabric will allow air to flow evenly during the vacuum bagging process

Centerline Plywood
A strip of plywood the length of your board to secure on the frame during the glue up stage

Brass Screw Bung with Rubber Seal + Timber
This is essential for every hollow wooden surfboard, this bung will be taken in and out (to release air when not in the water and to prevent water getting inside when in the water) The screw is fitted on the bottom of the board near the fins, an extra piece of timber will be placed in the frame

Plastic Vacuum Bag
The vacuum bags we supply are an open ended bag cut to length for you, which will be used for your vacuum bagging process to adhere the skins to the frame

Vacuum Connection
This plastic value connection is designed to be used in conjunction with our vacuum bag in the vacuum process. This is a one-way valve only allowing air to be removed from the bag

The tried and tested tape that we use regularly; brown packing tape and yellow masking tape, both used at different times of the process of building a wooden surfboard.

Glue Mixing Cup 
A measuring/mixing cup for glue mix ups 

Instruction PDF
A comprehensive, step by step instruction guide with photos, delivered via email as a PDF.


Recommended extras:

Finboxes, Brass leash plug, Brass vent