Gould Pin

Suitable for: intermediate to advanced surfers  / 2’ to 6’ waves

The Gould is available in either the DIY Customised Kit or as a Premium Kit, from 6’8” to 7’8.” 

The Gould, inspired by the 70’s single fins, has a full blunt pointed nose, the widest point forward of halfway, a flattish bottom with chined rails and a very slight vee in the tail. It will rip at Lennox and Angourie, and any other empty point break on the Aussie coastline. The Gould creates a comfortable mix for barrel riding, vertical off-the-lips and classic bottom turns. Combined with easy paddling gets you in early and smooth reliability and a truly classic feel. Featuring a pin tail for maximum speed and control. The Gould looks fantastic in any timber pattern too!