The Wooden Surfboard Kit Range

From left to right - 

. Available 5'7" or 6'2"
A fun shortboard, offering a little more volume than a standard short, featuring a low roll throughout its length with option to add in single or double concave with chined rails or any combination you like. Matches well with a classic swallow tail. Suits 2'- 6' waves. 

PERKINS. Available 5'4" /  5'10" / 6'2" or  6'6" / 7"3"
A reliable fish, offering refined rails for predictability and a responsive feel underfoot. Featuring a comfortable entry rocker through the nose, flat middle and a low rolled V in the tail, making it a fast moving board. Suits waves 1'- 6' waves.

GOULD. Available 6'8" / 7'2" / 7'8"
Inspired by the 70’s single fins, featuring a full blunt pointed nose, the widest point forward of halfway, a flattish bottom with chined rails and a very slight v in the tail. Offering a comfortable mix for barrel riding, vertical off-the-lips and classic bottom turns. Suits 2'- 6' waves. 

THORPE. Available 7' / 8'3"
Built for large powerful waves, featuring a flat bottom, a soft v under the back foot combined with subtle rocker, enabling the board to be ridden high in the wave and allowing quick directional changes. Suits 1' - 6' waves. 

V DAWN. Available 6'10" / 7'2" / 7'6" or  7'10" / 8'4"
High performance mini version of the original Dawn. Featuring an easy entry rocker, fast flat bottom and chined rails running to a rolled V in the tail. Offering, stability and versatility - a great all rounder. 

DAWN. Available 8'6" / 9'2" or 9'6" / 10'3" 
Most popular Bywater board, offering the versatility to surf anything from one foot slope to overhead barrels if you dare, the standard design features a deep concave in the nose into a flat middle through to a rolled v in the tail. Suits 1' - 6' waves 

BOB. Available 9'6" / 10"  
Smooth riding mal, offering versatility, suitable for 1’ to 5’. Featuring a low roll through the nose to a low roll middle out to a low rolled V in the tail. Suits 1' - 6' waves. 

ROSE. 8' / 8'6" / 9' or 9'6" / 10'1"
A tribute to the 1960’s Pig, featuring a wider point behind the centre closer to the tail. Offering the extreme end of the pivot-trim-nose ride approach. Suits 1' - 4' waves 


All surfboards are available in either the Premium Kit or DIY Customised Kit. 

Surfboard sizes will vary depending on what size is purchased.