V Dawn

Suitable for: beginners to advanced surfers / smaller waves to head-high slow waves 

The mighty V Dawn is available in either the DIY Customised Kit or as a Premium Kit. Board lengths range from 6’10” up to 8’4.”

The V Dawn is the high performance mini version of the original Dawn and an ever popular choice at our surfboard making workshops. The mini mal was created to bridge the gap between longboards and shortboards. This board takes cutbacks and bottom turns to a new level with the pulled in v through the tail, creating easy turning from rail to rail. You can ride this board shorter than a conventional longboard and because of its dimensions and versatility, this board offers more stability than your normal shortboard without sacrificing manoeuvrability. The V Dawn features an easy entry rocker, fast flat bottom and chined rails running to a rolled V in the tail. The V Dawn is a great all-rounder mini Mal or fun board with speed to burn. This board works well with a stub nose, round nose or rounded point nose and typically features a 3 fin/thruster set up. It is a board that fits in well to any family as it offers versatility for any rider. It is easy to handle for novice surfers, making any small wave a fun one or the perfect nose-rider for the old time surfer. A forgiving and user-friendly board that is a great stepping stone towards tacking a shorter high performance board. 

7’6” is the classic and most popular mini mal length. A longer length will allow for more wave catching success in smaller waves.