Suitable for: intermediate to advanced surfers / 1ft to 6ft waves 

Dawn is available in either the DIY Customised Kit or as a Premium Kit. Board lengths range from 8’6” to 10’3.”

This is the most loved and sought-after model in the Bywater range. Able to surf anything from one-foot slope to overhead barrels if you dare, the Dawn is THE one longboard you must add to your quiver. Perfect for the rider looking to own one longboard, or someone who is looking to become more accustomed to the nose, the Dawn will have you loving your surfing again. The Ultimate high-performance wooden nose rider! The longboard pays homage to the first surfboards ever created, where there’s been a longstanding revival of lackbaid logging. The Dawn is suitable for a range of surfers with it ensuring a high wave count and the perfect board to advance in hanging five or ten. The longboard will have you cruising endless waves and cross-stepping in elegance. Enjoy the timeless art of surfing with a classic wooden longboard. When it comes to wooden surfboards, the long the board, the more timber grain you’re showing off!

The standard design of our Dawn features a deep concave in the nose into a flat middle through to a rolled V in the tail, with the ability to modify the bottom contours with more concaves if that is what you are after. When it comes to tail shapes, pintails offer more control and round tails provide smoother turns. Typically set up with a single fin set up to ensure a smooth, stable ride with less drag. 

Choosing what size of longboard comes down to personal attributes, skills levels, surfing style and what waves you’re chasing.