DIY Customised Kit


The DIY Customised Kit 

The DIY Customised Kit is recommended for experienced woodworkers or someone who has attended one of our in person courses and is familiar with wooden surfboard making.

As reflected in price, the DIY Customised Kit is the ‘bare bones’ for wooden surfboard making, allowing you to source extra materials yourself, use what you already may have or purchase extra items from our store. The provided parts are all rough sawn where extra prepping and machining is required. You will be making your board from scratch with more scope to customise your board and use the 1:1 paper plans as guide.

DIY Customised Kit Inclusions:


1:1 Full Size scale plans

Paper plans/templates will be provided for the nose & tail blocks and for the rails, along with exact measurements for rib spacing 

Rough Sawn Paulownia for Rails

2 / 200 x 8mm which will need to be machined to 6mm and cut into 6 individual rails using the provided template 

CNC Ribs and Frame Stands

Ribs will be CNC cut to the selected board, including frame stands. 

Rough Sawn Timber for Nose & Tail Blocks

150 x 38mm to be cut to size using the 1:1 templates 

Rough Sawn Paulownia for Skins

6 / 200 x 8mm to be machined to 4mm ready to be glued together

Instruction PDF

A comprehensive, step by step instruction guide with photos, delivered via email as a PDF




Recommended extras:

Internal Fiberglass, Breather Fabric, Brass Screw Vent and Rubber Seal, Plastic Vacuum BagVacuum Connection for Bag, Plastic or Brass Leash plug, Plastic or Brass Vent, Finboxes