Perkins Fish

Suitable for: Intermediate to advanced surfers / 1’ to 6’ waves 

Perkins Fish is available in either the DIY Customised Kit or as a Premium Kit, from 5’4” to 7’3.” 

A fish board is most recognisable for its fish tail, which allows for great manoeuvrability and stability when transitioning from one rail to another. Becoming super popular from the 70’s with the rise of the twin fin set-up. They are a great alternate to a standard shortboard, allowing for a different style and feel in the water. A versatile board that allows for fun in mushy conditions to clean overheads and works well for those wanting to explore alternate surfing techniques like trimming and sweeping turns. Suitable for twin set-up or quad-fin if desired. 

The Perkins Fish loves a fast, high line, flowing connected turns and when the rider desires, a loose release off the top. It is the kind of board that will be fun in just about any conditions. A nice reliable daily rider, taking inspiration from a classic ‘Lis fish’ with refinements in the rails for predictability and a responsive feel underfoot. This board offers a comfortable entry rocker through the nose, flat middle and a low rolled V in the tail.