Summertime Surfboards

Summertime Surfboards

The maiden voyage of a hand crafted wooden surfboard is always a memorable experience for its owner. Our epic students from our 4 day board courses or those building from kits at home, have one thing at the fore front of their mind whilst laboring over their board and that’s the anticipation of riding it in their favourite beach break.  

We are now well and truly in summer, the season of surfing and we’re lucky to call South East Queensland home. From Sunny Coast to Gold Coast and beyond, there is a fine selections of breaks to choose from. May the weather God’s bless us this season with some great swells!  

When the boards aren’t being taken for a ride, they sit pretty at home bringing a cool coastal essence no matter the distance from the beach. From pool room to outdoor deck, a wooden surfboard offers a unique charm to any house. 

Last year, a student of ours had his board shipped over to Hawaii as a Christmas present for his son, now that’s an impressive gift to unwrap. There’s over 200 students who have crafted their own Bywater Surf masterpiece and we hope you see you out in the line up this summer.  If you’ve not yet joined the crew….get your hands on some tools and make a surfboard!  We’ve just released our 2023 workshop course dates. Find out more here.  

The Bywater ethos is simple - to enable anyone and everyone to create something beautiful from their own hands. Our classes are a great way to meet people, learn something new, and have some fun!

The do-it-yourself wooden surfboard kits allow the wood enthusiast to dabble in the craft of surfboard making in the comfort of their own home. We offer several different board styles and sizes so there is a board for everyone. Unsure which board would suit your needs? Reach out to us and we can guide you to the surfboard of your dreams.