Wooden Block Plane...now live!

Man wearing a cap and green shirt is smiling as he uses the Bywater Surf wooden block plane to shape his timber handplane

Introducing the newest addition to the Bywater Surf shop - the Wooden Block Plane. This traditional style plane is perfect for shaping internal curves and concaves. They have been used on our wooden surfboards and handboards with ease and excitement. These received great feedback and interest at the recent Wooden Boat Festival in Tasmania, with many keen to add to their collection. 

They are designed and made at Bywater Surf, crafted from birch plywood, featuring brass pins and a hardened steel blade. The birch plywood body is durable yet lightweight, the brass pins add a touch of elegance and the blade is easily adjustable, to customise the depth of the cut to fit your needs. It provides a comfortable grip and natural feel in your hand. The birch plywood has a warm, natural look that will only get better with age and use. 

handcrafted wooden block planes for shaping curves and concaves

One of the best features of this block plane is its wooden design. This classic style offers a touch of nostalgia, combined with a sleek, modern design. It is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship in its own right..But don't be fooled by its classic looks - this block plane is built to perform. 


So whether you're about to build your own surfboard or start another woodcraft project, this block plane will help you achieve professional-level results. Purchase online and discover the joy of working with a block plane that truly stands the test of time. 


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