The perfect Christmas Gift ..

The perfect Christmas Gift ..

This year was another busy and rewarding year making wooden surfboards in the Bywater workshop. We hosted 17 students in 2022, over 5 courses, with 17 new boards created.. And the most popular board award goes to (a tie between..) ‘Bob’ and ’Dawn’ followed by the special ‘V Dawn.’ The Bob board is always a crowd favourite due to its versatility.  

We welcomed novice woodworkers to experienced carpenters, who all produced high quality, professional looking boards to be enjoyed for a long time. This craft of wooden surfboard making has been fine tuned over the years by Stuart and we continually love sharing the craft with wood lovers, surfing enthusiasts, watercraft hobbyists and anyone looking for something different. Our courses are a great hands on experience where traditional and new techniques are used, allowing students to craft a board that has style and personality. 

We are now sharing this magic through our online Do-It-Yourself surfboard making kits, to bring the experience to a wider audience near and far. You will learn how to make something that is beautiful, functional and a gives you another reason to head to the beach. 

Our high-quality wooden boards are easy to assemble with our concise instructions and with the bulk of the ‘ingredients’ included in our Premium Kits, it allows you to jump straight in.

These boards look stunning once complete…we may be biased but we think the mighty wooden surfboard has a certain charm that a foam board lacks. With years of timber board crafting, Stuart has developed lightweight but durable boards - from snappy guns to mini Maps. The Bywater Surf boards are made from plantation grown Paulownia and CNC-cut plywood frames, combined with a seriously good epoxy glue and finished with multiple layers of resin, these boards stand the test of time. 

There’s always a way to add a little more fun to your life and a Bywater Surf board making kit is just the ticket. A fantastic project to complete over the summer break or throughout the year. 

The minimum time to build your own surfboard at home it typically one week, to allow for drying time but it can absolutely be made in stages, with flexibility as busy life gets in the way. 

Treat yourself to the ultimate Christmas gift to yourself or give someone the *hint, hint, nudge, nudge* and point them this way. Our gift vouchers may be the perfect stocking filler for that surf obsessed family member.