Wooden Surfboards make for a great highschool project

Wooden Surfboards make for a great highschool project

Why settle for ordinary woodworking projects when you can ride the waves of creativity? Bywater Surf's wooden surfboard kits are a fantastic option for senior high school students who are looking for a unique woodworking challenge to take on for their assessment or school project. For those students who have a love for surfing or an interest in water sports, this is the perfect way to combine passions and learn invaluable skills along the way. 

Our kits come complete with all the materials and detailed instructions one needs to bring a wooden surfboard to life. With several different styles, patterns, and sizes to choose from, you'll find the perfect board for a captivating woodworking subject. Explore the timeless beauty of our traditional longboards or embrace the nimble performance of our fish or shortboards. 

Wooden surfboard making is an immersive, hands-on and rewarding experience, allowing students to gain a deep understanding of the intricate craftsmanship behind wooden watercraft. Our wooden surfboard kits make for an impressive addition to a school portfolio, in addition to becoming a prized possession to ride and showcase for years to come. 

Discover the joy of crafting your own surfboard as you delve into the world of woodworking techniques, from shaping and sanding to laminating and finishing. Various tools, equipment and extra supplies are required for the construction of our wooden surfboards, where most high school woodworking facilities are well equipped to accommodate such a project. Speak to your teachers and school if you're unsure!

For a smaller project, our do it yourself wooden handboard is a great option. A handboard is a mini-surfboard that fits on your hand. It's used as a planing device on water to help you bodysurf, for faster and longer, with more control. Included is a paulownia blank ready for you to shape, sand and finish. Strap and screws provided.

Bywater Surf greatly encourages high school students, near and far, to explore the wonders of wooden surfboard making. We welcome you to reach out to us with your interest in exploring this avenue and would be happy to ensure your surfboard making experience is a perfect fit for your needs and environment. We are able to ship our board kits Australia wide and we also offer pick up option from our workshop in Boondall, Brisbane.