Winter Waves in the Workshop

Winter Waves in the Workshop

We just hosted the second wooden surfboard making class of the year in the Bywater workshop. A fabulous way to warm up on a brisk winter day. 

In this month's line up; a 9'6" Dawn and a 7'2" V Dawn - in pattern 8 (cedar side panels, paulownia center & 3 cambia pinstripes) and pattern 9 (paulownia side panels, cedar center & 3 cambia pinstripes)... great complementary patterns!

It's always a pleasure sharing our passion and expertise with wooden surfboards, the workshop comes alive with excited energy, hardwork and a few surf stories shared. 

The 4 days always fly by; filled with glue ups, assembling, sanding, vacuuming (not the floors!), shaping and refining. A wide range of woodworking skills are shared and explored, making for a great introduction and foundation for woodcraft and future surfcraft projects.  
Our students came in with enthusiasm and left with a strong sense of accomplishment and anticipation to pick up their finished board. 

These boards are heading into the spray booth for Stu to work his magic with glassing and polishing, to wrap up the end of another excellent board class. 

Not long until our next intake in August, the class is filling up fast and we’re keen to meet some new faces and bring some fresh surfboards to life. 

If you're interested in the behind-the-scenes of our 4 day wooden surfboard making course; check out our Youtube channel, for a 'fly on the wall' time lapse view.

We've been running this course for years, so it is as seamless as it looks! You'll be fully guided throughout the whole process and the Bywater Surf team set you up for an enjoyable experience. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm and elbow grease. 

Any questions about the course or keen to book yourself in - we'd love to hear from you, drop us a line