Why you should make your own wooden surfboard

Two men stand smiling in a woodwork workshop. In front of them on a table are two wooden surfboard frames with colourful pegs along the rails, while the glue dries.

Have you ever been curious about a hollow wooden surfboard? Satisfy your curiosity and come join us for an epic 4 days crafting your own. We are the go-to wooden surfboard making course in South East Queensland, with almost a decade of experience running these workshops.  

Here are some reasons why you should consider making a wooden surfboard..

CustomisationCrafting your own wooden surfboard allows you to customise it according to your preferences in terms of shape, size, and design. You can tailor it to your body weight, surfing style, and the types of waves you'll be riding.

Unique Aesthetics

Wooden surfboards have a timeless and classic aesthetic that sets them apart from mass-produced foam boards. Each board you make will have its own unique grain patterns and characteristics, making it a work of art as well as a functional surf craft. There is also scope to add your own flair with decals or artwork before glassing. 

Woodworking Experience

Building a surfboard with timber will introduce you to the world of woodworking and timber watercraft, where you’ll gain a rich appreciation for the skills and techniques required to make a functional surfboard. This course can certainly kick start a hobby in woodworking and provides insights into the huge possibilities of timber. 

Sense of Achievement

There's a great sense of satisfaction that comes from riding waves on a surfboard that you've built with your own hands. It's a tangible reminder of your commitment and hard work in learning something new and building something from the ground up with like-minded people. 


The way we build our wooden surfboards is so they can last for years (or even a lifetime) when properly used and cared for. The investment into one of our courses is one that you’ll be reaping the rewards forever and may even pass down through the generations.  

Our April intake is the first of three courses locked in for 2024, with the other two happening in July and October.  This course is suitable for those new to woodworking and keen to get stuck into learning the fundamentals (and much more). With hands-on instruction and personalised guidance, expect to gain the knowledge and confidence to create a surfboard that will provide a 'wow' factor for years to come. 

Where are we located? The Bywater Surf workshop is located in Boondall (4034) Brisbane, a 10 min drive from the Brisbane airport. If you’re traveling interstate, we can ship your finished board to you back home, after the professional glassing has been completed and cured.