The Must-Have Gould

The Must-Have Gould

If you’re a budding surfer, putting together the ideal quiver is serious business. Having access to a variety of boards helps you progress as a surfer and allows you to surf in just about any condition. The more boards you have, the more waves you can ride and the more waves ridden, mean a better understanding of the ocean and surfing, thus building your confidence in the sport.

While the dream to have a huge quiver may not be obtainable, it’s important to select boards that suit your needs and offer versatility. The Gould surfboard is a crowd favourite among Bywater Surf and our students. The Gould is inspired by the 70’s single fins, sporting a blunt pointed nose, with the widest point forward of halfway. Our Gould features a pin tail for maximum speed and control. 

This mid-length hero will add dimension to your surfing, providing a forgiving nature and a comfortable mix for barrel riding. Available in lengths 6’8” to 7’8”, a it’s the board that offers the best of both worlds, bridging the gap between longboards and shortboards. 

If you have a quiver of longboards; add a Gould. If you have shortboards; add a Gould. 

By adding a Gould to your quiver, you’ll have the paddling speed you need on big waves and the glide you need on small ones.  

If we’ve sold you on the Gould - you can craft your own by taking one of our 4 day wooden surfboard-making courses or tackling the project at home with our do-it-yourself kits. See the range here