The Joys of the Fish

A man in white tshirt and blue shorts stands sideways, holding a wooden surfboard under his arm. The surfboard is a fish style board with swallow tail, featuring paulownia and cedar timber

A crowd favourite in the quiver is often the mighty fish, a board that offers a wider outline through the nose, centre to tail with a low to flat rocker profile. It has a compact volume in its short template, translating to more buoyancy and ease of tight turns. 

Hailing from the 70’s as a knee board by Steve Lis, the ‘Lis fish’ was soon designed to suit stand-up surfers and it’s been popular ever since. The tail options can extend from swallow, pin, diamond - depending on your needs and preferences. 

Why we like the fish; 

  • Ability to paddle in early, with excellent paddle power
  • Take late drops 
  • Has exceptional manoeuvrability 
  • Able to remain stable when transitioning between rails 
  • Can deliver a loose release off the top 
  • The iconic retro look and feel, especially when made in timber!
  • Can dominate in small, mushy waves 

In a one board quiver, a fish can be a strong choice, as it can have fun in just about any condition. 

Our fish ‘Perkins’ can be made at our 4 day workshop or yourself with one of our do-it-yourself kits, ranging from sizes 5'4" to 7'3."