The board handover

The board handover

We never get tired of our students picking up their freshly minted surfboards. After the 4 day course, students can leave their board with us to be professionally resin coated in house. This process takes a few weeks to allow for ample curing time. Students are chuffed when they see their board almost finished on day 4.. and then the excitement bubbles again when they come to collect it from Bywater Surf HQ. Leash plugs, fin boxes and vents are installed and finally sealed with resin to bring the board to completion. Some are lucky enough to head straight to the coast for its ocean christening. 

The difference between an uncoated board and a coated board is huge - there's a massive WOW factor for a finished board, where the resin is smooth, glossy and really brings out the natural timber grain. 

Making a wooden surfboard requires some hardwork and elbow grease, but we make it fun, memorable and educational. Many students are new to the world of woodcrafting, but the end results are always impressive and something to be so proud of. Our course is designed to guide students every step of the way and some team collaboration is thrown in there so it's not a solo journey but one of many helping hands. 

It's all about making your dream board - we have a wide range of board patterns to choose from, but if there is something in particular you want to achieve have a chat with us. Our board range encompasses short boards to Mals, with many length variations. Every student is always amazing at how light the wooden surfboards are. 

If you’re itching to craft your very own wooden board, you have two more chances this year - July and October are the last two workshops of 2024. Otherwise have a browse of our do-it-yourself board making kits online and tackle the challenge at home.