The best accessory for your timber surfboard ...

The best accessory for your timber surfboard ...

Your surfboard needs a leash and your leash needs a plug to attach it to the board.

Without these key elements your board can end up hitting someone if it gets loose or worse on the rocks. 

The accessories of a surfboard are just as important and also compliment the surfboard itself.

After trial and error and many iterations, we developed our very own Brass leash plug to adorn our classic wooden surfboards.

Designed in house and made locally in Queensland, these brass Leash plugs result in a stylish aesthetic for your wooden surfboard, providing an old school nautical vibe. Additionally, they are rust resistant and age gracefully with discoloration and patina offering a great alternative to the stock standard plastic leash plug.

They are easy to install into your surfboard; drill your hole, scratch the brass for bonding, apply epoxy into the hole and onto the leash, push into position, clean up glue squeeze out, cover with plastic and clamp into position. The top flange is only 1mm thick so you can glass and resin on the deck, it easily becomes flush when it is sanded and buffed. This leash plug is sure to handle even the most gnarly wipe outs.

For our wooden surfboard making classes we offer students the choice of plastic or brass leash plug depending on budget and personal choice.

The brass plugs are a great way to take your handcrafted board to the next level and provide the extra wow factor.

You can purchase the Bywater Design Brass Leash Plug from our website for your next DIY surfboard making kit.