The beaut boards from the August course

Three men stand outside next to their wooden surfboard they have just created. The surfboards feature paulownia timber and cedar pinstripes.

At the end of August, the workshop was livened up for a winter surfboard making class. On the Thursday we welcomed 3 excited individuals to the wooden surfboard making journey. By Sunday we had 3 new outstanding boards freshly sanded and shaped to perfection; two beautiful 10’4 Dawns and a mighty 7’2” Perkins. 

Day 1 saw the students glue up their paulownia, cedar and cambia to create the bottom and deck skins of their chosen pattern. This requires a few hands on deck to ensure an even and smooth result. Next the frames are assembled using paulownia rails and plywood internal ribs, the nose and tail blocks are glued and strapped in. The frames and skins dry overnight, ready for day 2.On the second day we begin shaping the frames; down to the nose and tail blocks, along the ribs and rails. The shape of the frame dictates how your skins will sit and the overall look and feel of your board. We take our time during the shaping stage, and then remove as much material as possible from the nose and tail blocks to make the board lighter. Extra timber is glued into the frame for fin boxes later. 

Third day and it’s time to set up the rocker system; a support structure for the board during the vacuum bagging process to adhere the skins. The skins are prepared with resin and fibreglass and cut to size. Once the frame is sandwiched between the skins, it gets secured with tape and placed inside the vac bag, where the air is slowly drawn out, creating enough stable pressure to mold the skins to the frame. 

Last and final day, the boards are freed from the vac bags and finally looking like a rideable board. This last day is all about further shaping and sanding, creating the right bevel on the rails and a smooth transition into the nose and tail. 

The end of a board class breeds satisfaction and a job well done. A super rewarding way to spend 4 days, learning new skills, switching off regular life for a bit and creating a masterpiece from timber. 

The beautiful timber grain gets intensified after the professional resin coating that's done in house. The final touches are installed (leash plug, air vent, logo), then after some curing time the boards are ready to be picked up by their rightful owners. 

Surfing and woodwork enthusiasts are encouraged to join us for a hands-on woodworking experience of building surfboards by hand. Take the stoke into your own hands and be a part of your surfboard’s story. You’ll be amazed with what you create in 4 days. 

Our first board making class of 2024 has been announced.. April 11 - 14th..class size is kept small for indepth tuition and guidance, be sure to book early.