Summer is for Surfing

Summer is for Surfing

With January in full bloom, we begin to settle in for 2024 and whatever it may have in store for us. Christmas becomes a distant memory and New Years resolutions may be already forgotten, but the summer months may remind us of what we want more of this year. More adventure? More fun? More learning? More surfing? More coast trips?

Whether the beach is on your doorstep or if it is further afield, it stands as the ultimate playground of the months of January and February (and beyond!). As the crowds thin out, a day at the beach, in the swell can be just what the doctor ordered after a busy festive season. The ocean can be a great reprieve to the sweltering and humid days and escape when life gets a little too serious. Summer surf sessions can fuel key memories that define the season we cherish. 

Our Bywater Surfboards play a leading role in summertime memories and experiences. These wooden surfboards are not mere accessories, but rather essential elements of summer. They are the gift that keeps on giving, acting as a beautiful piece of craftsmanship when not in use, holding onto the nostalgia of summers gone and promises of future stoke. 

Our 4 Day wooden surfboard making course is a surefire way to keep the summer spirit alive throughout the year. Your very own, handcrafted surfboard is the ultimate companion in and out of the summer seasons. 

This experience is accessible to anyone craving a new experience this year, tackle the project at home in your own time with our DIY kits, better yet - join us in person at our workshop in Brisbane. Work alongside others, in a small intimate workshop, fully guided by a team of craftsmen - walk away with a professional wooden surfboard and a story to tell for life. 

Our first surfboard making course is in April, with very limited spots left - contact us for booking information. We'd love to share surf stories with you and create the board of your dreams.