Riding the Do-It-Yourself Wave

Riding the Do-It-Yourself Wave

The idea of our surfboard kits grew after years of offering our signature 4 day wooden surfboard making class at the workshop in Brisbane. While we can’t offer these courses in every location around Australia - the next best thing is to bring the experience directly to you, with our surfboard kits available for purchase online now. 

In the age of DIY and at home projects (thank you Covid..) it’s a fabulous way for us to offer what we are so passionate about. We aim to provide you with the 'tools' to create your very own wooden surfboard, in the comfort of your own home, at the pace you desire. 

Our website is slowly growing, but our initial offering stands the same - our Premium or DIY customised kits - available in eight different board styles and varying sizes, there is a board for everyone. The Premium kit is the ticket to an effortless approach to surfboard making - it includes pre-machined parts (eliminating the need for big sanders and thickenessers) as well as large list of inclusions that you will require for construction of the board. These kits are recommended for beginners and first time wooden surfboard board makers, it takes a lot of the grunt work out and leaves you free to get stuck into the process. We have carefully crafted this kit, so for the first time woodworker, it feels accessible and manageable. 

The DIY Customised kit is the bare bones option, with the basic materials supplied rough sawn where machinery is required for prepping. This kit, aimed at those who have completed a board before and are familiar with Bywater Surf boards, opens up the possibility to customise and utilise left over materials you may have. 

If selecting a DIY kit, we recommended browsing our shop and extra inclusions, as there are several more items that are needed to fully complete your board, like the internal fibreglass and brass screw (“don’t forget the bung!”). 

Both kits come with comprehensive instructions to guide you through the process, making you feel like you’re in the workshop with Stu. Our recent customers have shared with us the delights of their journey and their absolute stoke on the final result. It’s truly a rewarding experience to build something with your hands; albeit a magnificent piece of craft that has beauty, functional use and longevity. 

If we’ve sparked your interest; read more about our kits & surfboards here. Not sure about something - drop us a line, we're more than happy to help. 

There's no time like the present - add some charm to your 2023 with your own handcrafted wooden surfboard!