Repairing Beloved Surfboards

A close up of a wooden surfboard featuring paulownia and cambia pinstripes

With decades of experience restoring handcrafted timber items, we always advocate for repairing what is broken or damaged, and that includes wooden surfboards. Whether it’s a Bywater Surfboard or a beauty from the past, it’s a job well done to be able to restore and fix a board that needs some TLC. 

With the nature of surfing, unfortunate situations can occur, like collisions with another board or dings from the rocks…whatever the damage, it can be fixed. Send us a photo and we can prepare a quote and action plan for repair. It's important to contact us urgently if you think there is water inside of your hollow wooden board. 

After much use in the sun and surf, some board may need just a re-sand and re-gloss and you'll feel like you have a brand new board. To ensure your board has a long life, follow our tips for wooden surfboard care here

Restoring and repairing a timber board is not just about fixing a piece of wood; it's about preserving the heritage and craftsmanship and ensuring the next generation can enjoy what we enjoyed.