Let us custom make a board for you

A close up photo of a wooden surfboard featuring paulownia and a stained black centre, with a handcrafted timber fin

While many people opt to participate in our 4 day course (or DIY at home), many customers choose to purchase a custom made board, whether it be for surfing or a stand out piece in the home. 

A custom made wooden surfboard allows for as much tailoring as possible, where a surfboard should be a reflection of its owner, or created perfectly for the environment it lives in. Our boards are completely surfable and designed to perform as an equal to the foam board. Some of these boards live their life as a great art piece in the home, but as these boards are built to last, it’s possible they may catch a wave later in life when passed down to younger generations.  

Every detail can be fine-tuned and customised, from the unique pattern selection, timber species, brass hardware like leash plug and vent, as well as fin placement. Many premium customised boards are fitted with our wooden fins designed and made in-house. 

All custom boards are handcrafted in our Brisbane workshop, by Stuart Bywater who has over 30 years of experience in woodcraft. For nearly a decade, Bywater Surf has been the go-to source for those seeking a classic wooden board. 

Professionally crafted custom surfboards make for an incredibly special heirloom piece worthy of passing down for generations. The timber surfboard is the ultimate alternative to a foam board, paying homage to the roots of surfing. 

A wooden surfboard has a certain wow factor that rivals the foam board, our Bywater surfboards are 100% functional and a joy to ride, when not in use they double as a fantastic addition to any home, deck, pool room, or office.. that’s money well spent! Most often surfboards are banished to the garage or shed, tucked away far from sight - why not display a beautiful piece of woodcraft?

As our boards are hollow, they are lighter than you think. We have experience in hanging and mounting surfboards, we have also developed an adjustable timber surfboard stand. We can advise with our recommendations on how to approach storing or displaying your custom made board. 

A surfboard handcrafted in Brisbane, made from Australian grown timber like paulownia, cedar, silky oak, cambia, offers a natural and sustainable charm. Whilst the natural timber grain is lovingly left unadulterated, we are also able to stain timber, add coloured rails, inlays, laminated graphics or laser cut art. As for shape and sizes, size can range from 5ft to 10ft+, and we have a dozen different styles from mals to shorts, all with scope for ultimate customisation. 

If you are not sure about what sort of a surfboard you require, just let us know and we can advise on the perfect one according to your specifications and desires.

Boards can be shipped nationwide in Australia and we’ve shipped overseas in a custom build shipping carton. 

Contact us to discuss options and find out more information.