How our wooden surfboards get their shape 

How our wooden surfboards get their shape 

When it comes to making your own timber surfboard, creating your desired shape of board is what makes many parts of the project so enticing.  

We gave a glimpse into the process of crafting the internal skeleton of the wooden surfboard in this earlier blog post.
 After the frame of the board is established, the real fun of surfboard shaping starts.

The first stages of shaping take place once the internal timber frame is assembled. Throughout the frame shaping process a combination of rasps, block planes, spoke shave, chisels, nail gun and jigsaw can be used all before the skins of the board are even laid down over the internal frame.

After the excess glue build up is removed, the ribs are blended smoothly into the rails and the rails are carefully shaped and contoured in preparation for the outer skins.

We are always working on the bottom of the board first before the deck, as the bottom is what we ride, so we want this to be perfect first before we remove any waste from the deck.

The nose and tail shape will be cut from a pre-determined solid timber block and shaped out accordingly, whether you’re after a fish shape, pin tail, round tail or square tail, this is where you can truly customise your board, you also have the same chance of creativity in the nose area.

It’s also critical to ensure there is no twists in the frame, or any undulations along the rails. The more meticulously shaped your frame is, the better result you will achieve when you add the skins on.

Each type of board has specific concaves and contours already created in the frame, however these can be adjusted to your desire and you can always add more concaves if you require 

The key to the shaping process is to continually check down the line of your surfboard to ensure the shape is smooth and streamline.  Once the shape of the frame is complete, blocks for your fins are fitted and then the process of applying the skin can take place.  

Our Premium Kit comes with comprehensive instructions, showing you the step-by-step guide from start to finish of crafting your own wooden surfboard. For the more experienced woodworker, you may be up for our DIY Customised Kit.

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