Hey Dad! No foam, No worries!

Hey Dad! No foam, No worries!

Every surfer dreams of their very own customised surfboard - what about a wooden surfboard, crafted by yourself?! 

At Bywater Surf we say ‘no foam, no worries’ - we’ve proven that a wooden surfboard can rival the foam board. The very first surfboards were made from timber, dating back to ancient Polynesian cultures, then becoming less favourable when foam boards rose to popularity. The wooden surfboard pays homage to the origins of surfing and it’s evident that a ‘woodie’ can remain timeless and classic forever. 

The majority of surfboards are made from Polyurethane (PU), Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) or Polystyrene (PS), however our surfboards are made from a combination of plywood frames and Australian-grown Paulownia. Paulownia is an incredibly strong timber, made even stronger when laminated with fiberglass. It also boasts being very lightweight (“the Aluminum of Timber”) and is waterproof and warp-resistant; a bonus for surfboard making. 

The evolution of wooden surfboards; from heavy planks to hollow dynamics, is due to the spirit of innovation and a strong passion for the possibilities of woodcraft. 

Making a surfboard from timber is a labour of love and an adventure in itself. But over the years we’ve simplified and streamlined the process as much as possible, always achieving a stellar result and a board to admire & enjoy forever. Timber surfboard making is an art form that requires patience, dedication and an understanding of surf dynamics. Our board making course is the go-to experience if you’re curious about hollow timber surfboards. Whether you’ve dabbled in woodcraft or not, this course will guide every participant through a 4 day journey.  

What could be better than riding Australian-grown timber, on a board handcrafted by you, at some of the best beaches in Australia? Riding a wooden surfboard is a dance between tradition and innovation, carrying a sense of nostalgia and a world of endless possibilities. 

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