Happy chaps & boards from March course

Happy chaps & boards from March course

Another board class bites the dust…with more keen shredders joining us to make their own wooden surfboard in the Bywater workshop. 

From gluing to shaping to sanding and more - all in the name of creating a one-of-a-kind surfboard. That’s the beauty of using timber, the grain will always offer a point of difference. 

This latest course saw the production of a 9’ Rose beauty and a classic 7’ Gould. Both students selected the same pattern & timber, yet with different board styles, shapes and size - they are stand-out pieces in their own right. 


We can’t wait to glass these babies and let that timber really come to life.. stay tuned on our Instagram to see our freshly finished boards. 

We had the pleasure of having our mate Gary (a past board student and talented photographer) in the workshop, capturing the board-making journey on camera. We’ll be sharing these shots in due time! Thanks Gary!

It’s always awesome to see participants enjoying building their own boards and the sense of accomplishment they feel at the end of the course. 

These guys were overjoyed at the sight of their (near) finished boards and can’t wait to take them out for a test ride and many rides to come. 

It is a true testament to the power of hands-on work and a reminder that the art of crafting wooden surfboards is alive and well, with a fruitful future. 

We’ll be waxing up very soon for the next board class in June … can’t wait to see who will join us. In lieu of attending in person at our Brisbane workshop - fulfil your board-making dreams with our do-it-yourself surfboard making kits.