Get to know the Bywater Surfboards...Part 2

Get to know the Bywater Surfboards...Part 2

Bywater Surf is proud to offer a wide range of wooden surfboards to suit any wave enthusiast. Pick from our Mal (Bob) or Mini Mal (V Dawn) or our ever popular versatile Dawn or wider Rose. 


The Bob board is named after Robert August and inspired by some of his boards. 

With a low roll through the nose to a low roll middle out to a low rolled V in the tail this is one of the smoothest boards rail to rail you will find. 

Probably one of the most versatile boards in the Bywater collection; handles well in anything from 1’ Beaches to 5’ at the Pass at Byron. Pulled in outline with beach break rocker for racier sections and late takeoffs. Great for tube rides, nose rides if you add a concave to the front, and performance surfing! 

The Bob is available in our Premium Kit and DIY Customised Kit, in 9’6’’ or 10’’  

We also have a ready made 9’6’’ Bob Essentials Board for purchase if you wish to jump in the surf right away.  


This is the most loved and sought-after model in the Bywater range. Able to surf anything from one-foot slope to overhead barrels if you dare, the Dawn is THE one longboard you must own. Perfect for the rider looking to own one longboard, or someone who is looking to become more accustomed to the nose, the Dawn will have you loving your surfing again. Take the Dawn out in a variety of conditions, suitable for waves 1’ to 6’. The Ultimate high-performance wooden nose rider! The Dawn is available in both our Premium Kit and DIY Customised Kit in a 8’6”,9’2”, 9’6” or 10’2”. The standard design features a deep concave in the nose into a flat middle through to a rolled V in the tail, as always you can customise the board to suit your needs.  

Our iconic Dawn 9’2’’ Collectors Edition board available for purchase in our Shop, has been hand shaped with book matched New Guinea Rosewood centre panels and 6 Cambia pinstripes, topped with a hand shaped fin made from Australian Cedar. Perfect for hanging in the pool rooms and getting wet on the weekends.  


The V Dawn is the performance mini version of the original Dawn! This board takes cutbacks and bottom turns to a new level with the pulled in v through the tail creating easy turning from rail to rail. You can ride this board shorter than a conventional longboard and because of its dimensions and versatility this board offers more stability than your normal shortboard without sacrificing manoeuvrability.  

With an easy entry rocker, fast flat bottom and chined rails running to a rolled V in the tail. The V Dawn is a great all-rounder mini Mal or fun board with speed to burn, suitable for waves 1’ – 5.’ 

You can build your own custom board either in 6'10”, 7'2", 7'10’’ or 8’4’’ with our Premium or Customised DIY Kits.  

Check out our 7’4’’ stub nose V Dawn Essentials Board for sale via our Shop, featuring  Paulownia with 4 Cambia pinstripes weighing 5.6kg.   


We developed the Rose as a tribute to the 1960’s Pig, with the wider point behind centre closer to the tail. Pigs were pioneered by Dale Velzy at Malibu in the late 50s, great trimmers and nose riders finding the outline more manoeuvrable when stepping right back onto the tail, and very fast in trim and nose-riding doesn’t hurt at all. 

If you like old school snappy bottom turn, fast nimble walking, in-the-slot trimming, tight nose-rides, and high kick stalls. A truly classic ride, the Rose is the extreme end of the pivot-trim-nose ride approach for small lined up waves today or when you need all the volume you can get on those flat days and need to catch something. The Rose suits 1’ to 4’ waves 

Add a sweet rose to your quiver - available in our Premium Kit or DIY Customised Kit, from 8' to 10'1"

The beauty of hand crafting your own board yourself - is the ability to customise it as you wish, whether it be the concaves, the tail or the nose shape - your board will truly be yours. 

We can't wait to help you create the board of your dreams, providing you endless joy for many waves to come!