Get to know the Bywater Surfboards.. Part 1

A man holds a paulownia timber surfboard, made at the Bywater surf workshop

It's hard choosing which Bywater Surfboard to make, with options aplenty and a board style for everyone. Get to know a little about our shorter boards, ideal for the more faster, powerful waves. Your quiver will be lucky to have anyone of these boards. 


These boards are built for large powerful waves.  They are designed to paddle you in early so that you can avoid late take-offs and set yourself up with plenty of speed to maximize your chances of making the wave. A flat bottom enables the board to be ridden high in the wave resulting in maximum speed.  In addition, a soft Vee under the back foot combined with subtle rocker (bottom curve) allows quick directional changes when necessary.
You can build your own custom board either 7’0’’ or 8’3’’ where you have the ability to modify the bottom contours with more concaves if that is what you are after.  


The Perkins Fish loves a fast, high line, flowing connected turns with smooth transitions rail to rail, and when the rider desires, a loose release off the top. It is the kind of board that will be fun in just about any conditions. It has a comfortable entry rocker through the nose, flat middle and a low rolled V in the tail making it a fast board! 
A nice reliable daily rider, taking inspiration from a classic ‘Lis fish’ with refinements in the rails for predictability and a responsive feel underfoot. 
Build your own Perkins Fish with our DIY Customised Kit or our Premium Kit, make it a 5’4’’, 5’10’’, 6’6’’ or 7’3’’ beauty. The Fish suits waves 1’ to 6’ waves.  


If it’s a short board you are after the Fanny is for you with a little more volume than your standard short board, we have supplied you with a low roll throughout its length so you can shape back into the ribs to make it a single to double concave with chined rails or any combination you like. Keep it classic with a swallow tail but perfectly modifiable for other tail shapes. Made for 2’ to 6’ waves.  


The Gould inspired by the 70’s single fins has a full blunt pointed nose, the widest point forward of halfway, a flattish bottom with chined rails and a very slight vee in the tail. It will rip at Lennox and Angourie, and any other empty point break on the Aussie coastline!! The Gould creates a comfortable mix for barrel riding, vertical off-the-lips and classic bottom turns. Combined with easy to paddling gets you in early and smooth reliability and a truly classic feel. The Gould Pin is made for 2’ to 6’ waves.
Available in our Premium Kit or DIY Customised Kit in a 6’8’’, 7’2’’ or 7’8’’  The Gould Pin is a good looking addition to your quiver. 

If you're still unsure what board may be ideal for you and your surfing needs, get in touch with us and we can help you narrow down your decision.