Do-it-Yourself Surfboard Making

Do-it-Yourself Surfboard Making

Ever dreamed about making your own surfboard in the comfort of your own home? And a wooden surfboard at that? You may be surprised it is entirely possible, especially for anyone who hasn’t made one before. 

Our wooden surfboard making kits have been thoughtfully created with the first timer in mind. We have two kit options; the Premium kits and DIY Customised Kits. 

Simply; the Premium Kit is recommended for Beginners/Intermediate and first time board makers, while the DIY Customised Kit is recommended to experienced woodworkers or someone who has attended one of our in person courses. The Premium Kit has more inclusions with materials that are pre-prepped, the DIY Customise kit includes the bare bones un-prepped materials with more scope to customise and truly ‘do-it-yourself.’

The beauty of the Premium kit enables you to jump right into the surfboard making experience as all of the materials are prepped and ready to go. This eliminates barriers for those who don’t have access to certain equipment and machinery. The goal for the Premium kit is to make wooden surfboard making as accessible as possible, without removing the fun and experience of crafting a complete board. 

Equipment that is required for the completion of a wooden surfboard include; pegs, dispenser bottle, paintbrush, packers/blocks, rags, thinners, sand paper, vacuum, hand plane, sander, drill, rasp, hot glue gun, clamps, sand bags, chisel, hole saw, router and PPE.

Unfortunately we cannot supply the the resin and glue required so you will have to source independently. But our recommendations are;

Techniglue CA ER60 Epoxy Resin: which can be purchased directly from Nightingale Supply here

Surfset Flex Clear Resin: which can be purchased directly from Sanded here

For an overview of the glue up process read this blog 

There are multiple stages of wooden surfboard making, starting from the prepping of materials through to the final finishing. As there are several glue ups involved which require sufficient drying time, the process can take over a week from start to finish. We recommended performing dry runs before gluing and to take your time during all the shaping stages. The beauty of doing it yourself at home, allows you flexibility within your own schedule and to work on the project when spare time presents itself.

A great alternative to making your own surfboard at home with our kits, is to join our 4 Day workshop in Brisbane. You’ll be guided throughout the process and learn from expert craftsmen. This course welcomes the beginner to the experienced woodworker.