Dawn...our crowd favourite

Dawn...our crowd favourite

Here at Bywater Surf, we are proud of our wide selection of surfboard styles that cater to any surfer. However among our collection, there is a stand out model that is evidently a crowd favourite and a popular choice by many - the Dawn

Our boards are aptly named after famous Australian swimmers and much like Dawn Fraser - our Dawn is a champion. 

The Dawn is a true all-rounder, which is what appeals to many of our customers. A versatile board is a true companion to many surfers, allowing one to conquer any wave condition; whether it’s small gentle slopes or daring to ride overhead barrels - the Dawn is the go-to. Fancy some nose-riding? The Dawn has you covered. 

Whether you prefer to craft your own board or join our four-day wooden surfboard making  course in Brisbane, the Dawn is within reach. Available in our Premium kit or DIY Customised kit, you can start crafting your Dawn at home, at a pace that works for you. 

The versatility extends to the construction process as well. Have the freedom to choose your preferred tail shape, be it a classic pin tail, fish tail, stub tail…ensure that your board reflects your individual style and performs how you wish. Many people choose to add personal flair with a custom design or artwork during the final finishing. Choose your ultimate fin set up and add some glamour with our custom made brass leash plug. The Dawn is as classic as they come, accentuate its style with a pattern style that stands out to you; full paulownia or maybe add in 2 cambia pinstripes. 

If the Dawn isn’t quite for you, perhaps the V Dawn is; a high performance version that captures the essence of the Dawn, taking cutbacks and bottom turns to a new level. You can ride this board shorter than a conventional longboard and because of its dimensions. This board offers more stability than your normal shortboard without sacrificing maneuverability. 

When it comes to finding the perfect longboard, the Dawn surfboard is a safe, rewarding bet. The Dawn will rekindle or spark your love for surfing.  

Check out our ready-made Dawn’s available for purchase in our shop.