Customise a group booking

A group of 9 men stand with their newly made wooden surfboards in front of the workshop. The surfboards are different sizes, shapes and timber patterns.

The experience of wooden surfboard making is more than the finished product, is the journey to get there. What makes our 4 day workshop even more special is its potential for a team building activity or a chance to get together some keen buddies in a private group booking.Private group bookings can be arranged to make the experience even more memorable, sharing the joy of crafting your own surfboards with friends, family or colleagues. While we do offer several public intakes throughout the year, don't hesitate to reach out to us to inquire about a personalised group booking for your specific needs. Pending numbers, we can customise a specific date for the group and class sizes typically range from 3 to 7 people. 

Teenagers are always welcome if accompanied by a guardian. In a fun and relaxed environment, we guide you through every step of surfboard making, so our course is suitable for everyone, especially those new to woodworking.  

We have previously hosted a group of mates who were all planning a Maldives surfing trip together (with their new wooden surfboards!) which makes the holiday itself even more rewarding. Group bookings are a great idea to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, milestones or corporate team building. The nature of surfboard making often requires multiple hands on deck to complete a task, like gluing the rails and ribs together, taping the skins to the frame and setting up the rocker system for the vacuum process. Participating in a team building exercise encourages collaboration, communication, problem solving and creativity, resulting in camaraderie and a great sense of achievement. Many skills are taught throughout the course with a chance for new and old skills to shine and be further developed upon. Woodworking can showcase diverse talents and perspectives of team members, where each person can bring unique skills to the project. 

The surfboard making course is 100% hands-on work, away from computers, desks, and technology, where you’ll engage in practical skills and learn traditional and innovative woodworking skills. Building a hollow surfboard sounds daunting, but with expert guidance and a great team - it’s fun, rewarding and eye-opening. This experience can teach resilience and the value of persistence in achieving goals. With the course being taught over 4 days, it requires participants’ commitment and persistence, allowing the opportunity to fully immerse in a project over a condensed period. 
Everyone leaves the workshop feeling extremely accomplished with their woodworking skills and beyond excited to take their own wooden board out. You’ll forever appreciate the labour and love gone into making a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted wooden surfboard and cherish the fond memories created. 

If a group booking is appealing, send us an email with more information about your group to get the ball rolling.

Students participate in the wooden surfboard making workshop, gluing, sanding, assembling