Crafting Waves of Success

Crafting Waves of Success

We’ve had the pleasure of hosting over 200 people in our 4 day wooden surfboard making  workshop, that’s a lot of surfboards! 

“Stuart's timber surfboard classes are brilliant. Regardless of your skill level in woodworking, Stuart and his team at Bywater Design will ensure that every student understands the process, the techniques and proper use of all the tools and equipment necessary for an outstanding result. It is this first-hand experience paired with Stuart's kind and clear guidance which makes this workshop all the more enjoyable. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who enjoys a hands-on and unique learning experience. Whether you are a beginner or a well-seasoned surfer, you will walk away with a tremendous sense of satisfaction and appreciation for the skill and effort that goes into crafting these beautiful boards.” - Nic  

“I recently did a four day wooden surfboard making workshop with Bywater Design. It was a great experience and Stu was a great tutor in the art of working with wood and shaping a board. Unlike so many things these days which are only virtual, after 4 days I have a beautiful looking tangible object which is both art and performance sporting equipment at the same time. I would highly recommend building your own wooden surfboard with the crew at Bywater Designs.” - Gary 

“Couldn’t recommend more! What a great experience to learn new skills and create something that will last a lifetime! Stuart is an absolute legend. No skills needed just a drive to create something special” - Alex 

“I recently completed the four day wooden surfboard making class. Although I hadn't done any woodwork since being in High School, Stuart is a great instructor who walks you through the process. Not only did I produce a beautiful Longboard, I had a great time and lots of laughs doing it. It also helped me understand more about surfboard design. Thoroughly recommend this class to anyone” - Mark 

“Awesome wooden surfboards handmade yourself on a 4 day course. I can't recommend this experience highly enough. Stuart and his team do an outstanding job of guiding and assisting you through the amazing process of making a surfboard that is indeed a work of art. The course is great fun and the boards created are beautiful (and surf like a dream).” - Dane  

“I first made a 9ft Mal with Stuart as part of the four day surfboard class in Feb 2016. It was an awesome experience and Stuart is such a good teacher. I have used the board many times and love it. I am now going back for another - a 7ft fish this time. Can't wait.” - Tim 

We look forward to offering this experience with many more in the future. Our 2024 course dates have been released and you can’t attend - our do-it-yourself kits are where it’s at!