Chicks on Sticks

Chicks on Sticks

Interestingly, but not so surprisingly, surfing was one of the fastest growing activities during the recent pandemic and it saw an impressive increase in women amongst the waves. Traditionally surfing has been male-dominated but this began to change in the 1960’s and from there, it’s continue to grow. Gone are the days of chicks waiting with Chicko Rolls, now we’re seeing more chicks on sticks, as it should be. We are advocates for surfing for everyone, as it’s a remarkable and rewarding activity and the ocean is an incredible pocket of the world. 

Our courses are designed for and open to anyone, and we encourage all female surfers, beginner or experienced to sign up and join the fun. 

Woodcraft is a rewarding and enjoyable hobby that can offer many benefits to anyone, it’s a great creative outlet, a source of mental stimulation and keeps the hands busy. Valuable skills are knowledge will be cultivated over the course, to take into future woodworking endeavors. You'll learn about the different materials and techniques used in surfboard construction, and get hands-on experience shaping, sanding, and finishing your board.

Our 4 day surfboard making course isn’t just about building a surfboard, but connecting with like-minded individuals, lending a helping hand to each other and sharing surfing tips and stories. 

Almost all of our participants come along to the course solo, but it’s a great activity to sign up to with a friend who also has the itch to build a board. A surf together on your personally hand crafted boards would be one for the memory bank. 

All participants get hands on with the making of their own board, with help at hand along the way. Class sizes are kept small to a maximum of 6, with the course fully guided by expert woodcrafter Stuart and his team. All materials are provided and no experience is necessary, even if you’ve never picked up a wood working tool before, we promise that you’ll end up with a stunning board to be chuffed about. 

If you you’ve always wanted to try your hand at surfboard making, Bywater Surf is a great place to satisfy that urge. Whether you’re brand new to woodcraft or recently picked up the surfing bug, you’ll find a warm welcome ay Bywater Surf. 

As always our do-it-yourself kits are a great option if attending a workshop is not possible or if you're after a personal project to tackle in the comfort of your own home.