Caring for your Wooden Surfboard

Caring for your Wooden Surfboard

If you’ve had the joy of crafting your own surfboard, it is no doubt your pride and joy now - and you’ll want to treat it with care to ensure longevity.  

Here are our tips on maintaining and keeping your board in pristine condition and ensuring many more memorable rides. 

The cardinal rule of wooden surfboards - don’t forget the bung! When using the board, have the bung screwed in to make it watertight, then after surfing remove the bung to release pressure and promote airflow. 

Avoid extreme temperatures, as this may have adverse effects on wooden surfboards. Avoid leaving your board in direct sunlight or in a hot car, this can discolour the timber over time. Having a Goretex air vent installed in your board is helpful. Find a moderate, stable environment for your board. 

Rinse your board after being in the ocean, with fresh water to remove salt and sand. Ensure it has dried out before storing. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives on the board. 

Inspect for damage, and regularly check over your board after use to ensure there are no dings, cracks or delamination. Address issues quickly so as not to cause further problems. Contact us for advice on how to fix damages. 

When not in use, store in a safe position where it can’t be knocked over. Using wall mounts or our free standing timber stand is a great option to show off your board. You can store and transport in a board bag for extra protection.

Transport your board carefully and handle with care. Avoid putting pressure on the board, for example placing heavy things on top of it. 

With these simple things in mind, a wooden surfboard is sure to have a long, fruitful life. We create our boards to last and offer durability.