Built by you....your dream board

Built by you....your dream board

There is something magical about riding a wave and what better way to experience that magic than on a surfboard made of timber, that you crafted yourself?!

Our 4 day wooden surfboard making course is an immersive experience that allows participants to design and construct their dream wooden log. 

The Bywater timber surfboards offer a classic look, featuring paulownia, cambia, cedar.. with varying patterns and styles. But we encourage creativity and innovation, and the goal of our course is that all students walk away with a board that fully embodies their spirit and style. 

The beauty of making your own board from scratch is the endless scope to add your own flair and ensure your board is exactly yours. 

We have seen ashes imprinted into designs, retro fabric laminated onto skins, intricate mandala designs, a pop of solid colour, a favourite quote and adorned family emblems. 

Choose a classic, elegant look or get funky with a unique touch of style. 

As these boards are hollow, we encourage a special message to be written on the inside as a personal, secret keepsake and to honor to the journey you undertook to make your own board. 

This is a fantastic course to understand the dynamics of hollow wooden surfboards; how they come to be so strong yet lightweight, how the timber skins are seamlessly adhered to the frame, how the rocker, rails, nose and tail are shaped for performance. Be fully guided by experts over a Thursday to Sunday, in our big workshop at Boondall. If you can't make it in person, the next best thing is making your own board at home with our diy kits

Got a vision and want to bring it to life? Talk to us and we can help make it happen.