Beautifully Glassed Surfboards

Beautifully Glassed Surfboards

Resin coating is the 'cherry on the cake' to wooden surfboard making. A meticulous process that really completes the journey of handcrafted surfboards. 

On our 4 day course, resin coating the finished wooden surfboards aren’t included but can be done by us after the course. Majority of people will opt to get the full resin finish as this is what makes it the board ready for the surf. And there is no denying that the resin makes a wooden surfboard extra eye-catching, highlighting the grain and richness of timber. 

Our go to resin is the Surfset Flex, which is user friendly for laminating, filler coats and finish coats. Boasting a high level of UV resistance and is used by many surfboard makers with great results. 

There is also the option to add additional fibreglass to the external when being resin coated. Whilst we glass the internal of the wooden skins, some may want extra strength on the deck or nose. 

When resin coating a board, a lot of factors go into the process, like allowing sufficient curing time, working in a well-ventilated area, wearing PPE and the application of any coats to achieve the final finish. We explain our process step by step in our surfboard kit instructions, so you too can achieve a beautifully finished wooden surfboard. 

After our board making courses, the boards get the 5 star treatment and fin boxes, leash plugs, air vents are installed. It’s like Christmas when we hand over the finished board to its owner.