Beating Lockdown Blues with a Bywater Surfboard Kit

Bywater Surf DIY Wooden Surfboard Kits
Selling our Hollow Wooden surfboard kits online has taken patience and time,  quite a few re-runs and outtakes but as every surfer knows - it’s the journey not the destination that makes it all worthwhile
The aim of our kits is if a surfer / woodworker can’t come to one our awesome 4-day workshops in Brisbane, then the next best thing is bringing it to you guys …
Needless to say we are proud of our kits; the time and the attention to detail we take in each kit is no accident. The aim is so that the home wooden board maker can have everything at their fingertips to make an exceptional Bywater Wooden Surfboard!    
In the time of lockdowns, when frustrations can run kind of high at the thought of staying home again and not getting anything created and angst at mindlessly scrolling through Netflix is not a happy thought, our friend Michael from Sydney’s Northern beaches had the good sense and timing to order two of our kits for a productive past-time as well as being a cool xmas gift to himself and his son.
Michael chose both the 7'2'' Gould and 5'7'' Fanny boards and in the ensuing lockdown days created not just one but two amazing boards.
The really cool thing about this is that Michael constructed the boards with his son, who was originally the keen rubbernecker but upon further inspection decided that these boards were really cool and pretty awesome and yes he should help his dad out with the making and even better if he got to use one of the boards himself …
Fast forward to January 2021 and Michael & son have two amazing wooden surfboards to enjoy on those perfect Sydney mornings together. 
 We could wax lyrical about how totally amazing and life-changing building one of our boards is but it's nice for you and even cooler for us to share some thoughts on Michaels, Bywater surf kit making experience …
“Well, I have had a great Christmas holiday period spending time building my boards, my son has chipped in once he saw them coming together and what a great way to spend time together.
Some feedback on the kits:
Material was well labelled and packaged.
Great referencing marking on all components
Vacuum bagging worked well with shop vac, I was able to reuse first bag for second board.
Pdf doc was easy to follow and a great reference throughout the build process.”
A massive thank you to Michael for taking the time to let us know about his kit making experience.
So, the takeaway from this is, if you cannot come to one our surfboard making workshops or you’d rather chip away making a board in your own time, now is the time to make it happen …
If you have any questions, just email Stuart and let his expert guidance help you.