Another great customer masterpiece..

Another great customer masterpiece..

We're stoked to showcase another beauty of a board handcrafted by a customer of Bywater Surf. Carlo chose the ever popular Dawn board featuring a pair of classic pinstripes against the paulownia timber. The finished board is impressive and enviable! Well done Carlo. The beaches of Northern NSW will see another Bywater Surf board in the waters this summer. 

Kind words from the man himself; 

“Definitely was the talk of the carpark this morning. Both my brother and friend who helped are keen to make one next year and I am eyeing the twin fin next for something different to this one”

Carlo did an epic job and we’re stoked to have another happy customer in the Bywater Surf club. We look forward to seeing your next creation, Carlo!  So the lesson here is that once you complete one.. you'll be dreaming of the next board to make!

We've had several father-son customers purchase two kits to make alongside each other which we love. What's better than making your own board, is teaming up with a pal to enjoy the process together and lend a helping hand.

We have created these kits for any woodworkers or surfers who can’t make it to our Brisbane workshop but yearn to get on the tools to make their own board. These DIY at home kits are the second best thing in lieu of attending a class in person with Stuart. When it comes to wooden boards, Stuart has been working with them for years and is continually fine tuning the process and art of board making. 

The Bywater Surfboard range is comprehensive with many variables with style, size and pattern, so each board is a true expression of its creator. Our goal is to help you to create something beautiful and functional that you can take out on the water and enjoy for years to come. 

A successful result from our happy customer Carlo!