Anatomy of a wooden surfboard

Anatomy of a wooden surfboard
Ribs, rails, skins, blocks, vents  - what's all this and how does it make a surfboard? The Bywater Surf hollow wooden surfboards are a clever masterpiece and a testament to the saying 'the whole is greater than the sum of all parts.' 
For the first time wooden surfboard maker, delving into their DIY kit adventure - it can be confusing to know how all these parts come together to make a legitimate surfboard. But once you understand the purpose and placement of all parts, it makes sense and all starts to click. 
Our How to instruction guide that comes with our at home kits, are clear and concise, breaking down the process step by step.
The first step is to have a clear understanding of all the parts required to make your surfboard, which is where we introduce to you the anatomy of a hollow wooden surfboard...

Creating the internal frame of the board is where it all begins. To make the frame, you need;

  • paulownia rails (3 on each side, these make up the sides/edges of the frame) 
  • plywood ribs (these are CNC cut specific to your board style) 
  • paulownia nose block (this creates the nose end of the frame)
  • paulownia tail block (this creates the tail end of the frame) 
  • wooden tabs (these help to hold the nose & tail blocks in place) 
  • timber fin blocks (this is what gets routed for the finbox installation) 
  • timber for bung (a base for where the screw bung gets placed) 
The size, shape and length of these parts are very specific to the board that is being crafted. For example, the Fanny requires 10 ribs while the Rose taking a total of 16 ribs. The ribs need to be evenly spaced to ensure the integrity and durability of the structure and board outline shape.
As explained in our booklet, the frame get assembled with tape, nail gun, hot glue and epoxy resin. Once the frame is assembled and accurately shaped, the skins get glued and vacuum bagged and the final shaping of the board can happen. 
Looking to go on your own wooden surfboard making journey? Have a scope out of our Premium or DIY Customised Kit.