Aesthetics of the wooden surfboard

Aesthetics of the wooden surfboard

Wooden surfboards have a timeless appeal and are sure to stand out in a line up of foam boards. People are drawn to the look and feel of wooden surfboards for many different reasons, whether it be trying something new, tributing the roots of surfing or in spirit of sustainability. Our boards prove that great boards don’t have to be made from foam - we design and make them to perform on par with their foam counterparts. Not only are they great boards to ride on, they are great boards to look at. 

When making a Bywater Surfboard - there are several patterns to choose from, ensuring there is no cookie cutter approach and allowing for as much personalisation as possible. Our go to timber is Paulownia for many reasons; not only is it a sustainable timber but it is perfect for watercraft. We choose paulownia over balsa due to a better strength to weight ratio. Paulownia is known to be incredibly fast growing and its great ability to regenerate soils from erosion.  

Paulownia offers a light, golden colour and interesting timber grain. Whilst it looks stunning on its own - it pairs well with rich, darker timbers like cambia or cedar. We use these timbers to create our range of deck patterns, whether it’s a 20mm cedar strip down the center or 3 cambia pinstripes, or cedar panels on either side of the board. There are many variations to be enjoyed, depending on what aesthetic the board crafter is after! 

We have also experimented with silky oak and camphor laurel which produce unique results. Paulownia can also take to stain very well, so if a natural wooden look isn’t desirable, a coloured stain can be the focal point. 

Wooden surfboards are a beautiful celebration of nature, craftsmanship and adventure. These boards aren’t mass produced but crafted mindfully and skillfully, with intent to last for years and to be cherished for generations. If there is a particular look of a surfboard you want to achieve, get in touch with us and we can help make those dreams come true.