Timber Deck Patterns for your Wooden Surfboard

Timber Deck Patterns for your Wooden Surfboard

Wooden surfboards are a beautiful and unique alternative to traditional foam and fiberglass boards. The beauty of wooden surfboards come out in the timber and grain selection, which can be fully customisable to suit ones styles. A handcrafted wooden surfboard stands out from the mass-produced boards. 

Our at-home surfboard making kits feature three different deck styles to chose from; a) the classic paulownia, b) two 20mm cedar panels or c) 2 cambia pinstripes. Each being a classic choice for any surfboard maker.  

Our Paulownia timber is Australian grown, sourced from the East coast and the cambia pinstripes are carefully made in house. 

Here are a few examples of how these patterns look; 



Paulownia with two cedar stripes 


Paulownia with two cambia pinstripes 


When sanded and finished with resin, the grain of these timbers take on a whole new life, resulting in a very eye-catching surfboard. 

As each piece of timber is different, every board made will have its own unique characteristics and charm. 

 We encourage you to make your wooden surfboard with your own flair, so we welcome custom requests if you're after something specific - just contact us directly.