The wood we use

The wood we use

When it comes to crafting a timber surfboard, the joy comes in choosing what timbers to feature and showcase. We’re lucky that there are several amazing species of timber that are suitable for surfboard making, allowing these boards to be extra special. 

Our main timber choice of course is the mighty paulownia timber, which is the champion of the timbers for watercraft due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio and its waterproof/buoyant properties. 

Let’s not stop at functionality, when a timber board can be elevated with charm and elegance through the use of other timbers, like silky oak, cambia ash and red cedar. The choice and combination of these timbers can totally personalise a board, creating a particular aesthetic - whether it be modern and sleek or retro, nostalgic or full of character. 

Red Cedar is known for its rich red-ish brown colour that deepens with age and exposure to sunlight, offering a beautiful grain pattern. It is versatile and reliable timber, which is not prone to shrinkage or swelling. 

Cambia Ash offers a deep brown colour with no toxic chemicals, the thermal modification process significantly reduces the wood’s moisture content, reducing its moisture content and thus making it less prone to warp and twists. We use the cambia to make our pinstripes which always pop against the golden paulownia. 

Camphor Laurel has a warm golden brown hue with swirling grain patterns and a very distinct aesthetic, it also exhibits great dimensional stability and is durable. 

Silky oak, a favourite native will add sophistication and luxury to a board that will turn heads in and out of the water. The prominent grain patterns offer a shimmering silky quality. We are always blown away by the outcome of a silky oak surfboard. 

So whether you're a seasoned surfer or not, consider the allure of wooden surfboards and see what beauty can be created. The magic of crafting your own surfboard is the customised approach to selecting your timber and pattern style. 

Please reach out to us if you’re dreaming of a particular board with certain timber, and we can guide to on your way.