Sanding: The Make or Break of a Great Timber Surfboard

Sanding: The Make or Break of a Great Timber Surfboard

When it comes to crafting a timber surfboard, every step of the process is crucial in achieving a stunning, high-performance board. One often overlooked but critical aspect of the board-making process is sanding. Proper sanding not only ensures a smooth and visually stunning finish but also directly impacts the board's performance on the waves. 

Whether it’s wooden surfboards or fine furniture, sanding timber is a process that requires attention to detail and the right sandpaper, as it is an integral stage of woodcraft. 

The choice of sandpaper grit can significantly affect the outcome of the final finish. A coarser grit sandpaper is used for leveling and removing rough surfaces, however with this brings scratches and grooves on the timber. As we work up to a finer grit, we start to achieve the smoother surface that is imperative to the final finish. The aim is to be able to run your hands along the board, through the rails and across the deck without any feeling of bumps or unevenness. The smoother your timber is, the better the final finish of resin coat will be. Think about how often you hold or handle along the rails of a surfboard, you want these parts to be smooth to the touch! Finer grit sandpaper allows a smooth finish along the round and bevelled edges. 

Even the slightest imperfection or undulation can affect the performance of the board and the experience one has riding it. 

A well-sanded timber surfboard is sure to showcase the natural beauty of the wood grain and thus enhances the overall aesthetics of your surfboard. So while it may feel like a meticulous task it is well worth putting the elbow grease in.  

During our 4 day wooden surfboard making course in Boondall QLD, participants will be guided through the sanding process, with in-depth information about sandpaper, grit and technique. By the end of 4 days, you'll be a sanding expert.

For those that opt to construct a board at home with our DIY kits, you’ll be guided in our Instruction booklet to ensure for a great sanding experience. The beauty of doing it yourself at home, means you can take your time and chip away at your project when best suits you.

A true characteristic of a craftsman is the attention to detail, so savour your time sanding your board. It’s a labor of love and one you may cherish forever. The goal is to enjoy the wooden surfboard making process as much as you enjoy riding the waves that it catches. 

Happy sanding!