Restoring a 1977 Struer Kayak

Restoring a 1977 Struer Kayak

Our love for watercraft extends beyond surfboards, so we were very chuffed to have the opportunity to restore a stunning timber kayak for a client. 

This particular racing machine was a Struer K1 Lancer made in 1977 in Denmark. Unsurprisingly it was a favourite for Olympic contenders, featuring a lightweight body with excellent directional stability. This beauty is made from Mahogany and features a sleek Wenge pinstripe, providing that extra wow factor. 

After a close call with a house fire, the owner realised it was time to get the K1 restored and reignite the kayaking passion. Stuart took the kayak through a multi step process to bring her back to more than her original glory. After delicate sanding and tedious taping, Stuart applied several coats of polish to bring out the stunning timber grain. The 17ft kayak just fit in the spray booth! 

It was a joy having such a fine piece of craft in the workshop, finishing with a fantastic end result of a unique and memorable restoration project. An almost 50 year old piece of craft now looking brand new. The owner promises he will eventually get it in the water again…after getting over the thrill of the beautiful, pristine finish!

These traditional wooden Struer Kayaks are discontinued but hopefully there are many around the world that live on and will continue to be cherished. 

Much like restoring the 1960’s ‘Bab’s timber surfboard years ago, it’s exciting to be a part of the history of traditional watercraft, taking inspiration and delight from the original craftsman and the stories they carry with it. 

For any of your restoration needs, please reach out to us if you are within the South East Queensland area and beyond. 

A 1977 Struer timber kayak restoration