Hollow Wooden SUP Making at Bywater Surf

Hollow Wooden SUP Making at Bywater Surf

We are delighted to announce Bywater Surfs’ exclusive Stand Up Paddle board making course for 2023, scheduled for 6th-9th September.

Since developing the wooden SUP, we have held only a handful of courses and with building interest in another one we are keen to go BIG again. These wooden SUP’s are built in a similar fashion to the surfboards but of course on a larger scale with several differences and adjustments. They are crafted with a similar plywood internal frame and paulownia skins, but with a different type of nose and tail block to accommodate for the wider area. 

The current sizing of these boards are 9’6” or 10’3” weighting in at approx 1kg per foot. They are very buoyant but sturdy and with a built in timber handle, they are easy to carry and transport. Participants will build their epic SUP from scratch over 4 days in our Brisbane workshop, fully guided by Stuart and his team. 

SUP boards have gained popularity over the years, offering a new experience to water sports and an alternative when the weather conditions change. South East Queensland offers a range of idyllic, SUP friendly spots, allowing beginners to pick up paddle boarding very quickly. 

We welcome you to visit our showroom to see a wooden SUP in person and chat to Stuart about what you are after. Contact us to find out more information and to arrange an appointment. Join us for an ultimate experience and make 2023 one to remember. 

SUP kits are not yet offered for sale on our online shop yet, but we are able to create a custom order if you are keen to tackle SUP making at home.